Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Project Announcement!

Hi Ladies!!

Well getting closer to having my daughter I have been a thinking about what I wanna do once I get back up on my feet after birth..

So I've been looking around and thinking about the thing's I wanna photograph and what means's something to me.
I am one of those women who loathes the addiction to our societies fake tanning habit.
We women are so so beautiful in our natural color's.
Be it white as Casper or as dark as the night. Our natural skin color's are beautiful..
We as women NEED to learn to feel beautiful in what we are given.
I'm not perfect trust me.There are a few thing's I wish I could change about me...TRUST ME!
So because of this I am going to start a photo project called Pale.
In this project it will be dedicated to those of us with porcelain skin.
For some reason in our society those of us who are as pale as white paint aren't considered gorgeous.
But I beg to differ.I think pale is gorgeous!
So now I start the model search.But don't expect to only see professional model's.No My model's will be my everyday clients.Those ladies that I see everyday and help make feel like the most amazing lady in the world.
So be looking for this project to start...and if you are interested and are currently in Oklahoma (will expend the territory later) then feel free to contact me via FB or

If you wish to be considered I will need a link to either your FB page or an emailed photo so I can see your skin tone.Remember this particular project is for extremely pale skin.
Trust me when I say it will probably be the beginning to a few other skin tone related projects!

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