Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How To Prepare For Your Boudoir/Pin-up Sessions

I can say if there is one thing I get asked about the most when ladies are booking their session's, its "how do I prepare for this"?

I can understand that question all to well.Getting ready for a boudoir/pin-up session is not normal for most women.That's reserved for the professional model's and just an inside secret sometimes their just as clueless!

So I am writing this to help you with those questions!

1st off each session and person is different.So these are generalized tips..

I know its tempting because we are all afraid of being pasty and nasty looking.But trust me when I tell you overly tanned skin,or the spray tan's create a nightmare for a photographer lighting wise.Uneven skin tones are so so hard to light and edit to make them look even and beautiful!
Also a fresh shave will make sure of no stubble for your session..

2.Trust me with your skin!
Its my job to make you look flawless and you will.Don't over obsess over the thing's you don't like about yourself.This will only make it harder for you to relax in your session.Trust me enough to know that I will make you look your best!

3. Wear loose clothing to the studio the day of your session.
This helps prevent clothing imprint lines. (exp. yoga pants & tank top)

4. Show up with clean hair and clean face.
No styling products or makeup to be applied at home please.Moisturizer is ok..just nothing else.This makes doing hair and makeup ton's easier..

5.Only YOU know what makes you feel sexy what & makes your special someones fantasy.
You also know what your comfortable in.Some women are comfy being naked other's are not.You do not have to be naked in your boudoir session so please don't feel like its a have to.

6.Crazy pattern's in clothing can be distracting..
Classic colors for boudoir is black,white,pinks,blue's,green's.
Remember to keep it simple...If you have some fun playful panties and such that is fine to! Just be careful with pattern's.
Also when choosing shoes its easier to have 1 to 2 pair to go with everything.
If you need help finding clothes or shoes we can help!!
Also bring accessories...Jewelry is very important so is hair accessories and such.So don't hold back.Bring that bling!
You can also bring a sexy dress or outfit that can be one of your looks so you have something to show anyone if your not comfy showing off your lingerie images.

7. Don't worry about posing.
Your not a professional model your not suppose to know how to pose yourself.That's where I come in.I pride myself on being able to direct you beauties to the best of your potential!Also anyone can be photogenic.Its my job to make sure that you are.
Basically let go and trust me =o)

8.Don't do anything drastic to your hair or skin!
If you need to try to do so at least a week in advance.That mean's hair cuts,color,major grooming.

9.Please eat...
I know the worry about bloat or not wanting to look full for your session.But getting light headed and or fainting isn't sexy.So please eat even if its just a salad.
Also please refrain from partying or drinking the night before.This shows up in your face and your skin the next day.Opt for water...
Get a good nights rest and plenty of sleep.If you don't it WILL show in your pictures!

11.Book well in advance!
Especially if this is for an anniversary or wedding gift!It can take up to 8 weeks to get your session back depending on studio traffic.
So please book with time in mind.

12.Bring a friend if it makes you feel more comfy.
As a rule I prefer not to have spouses or boyfriends at sessions.Being men they tend to interrupt a lot.But you are more than welcome to bring your best girlfriend!

13. Most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

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