Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Must Watch 4 All Photogs & Potential Clients

Below is the link to a video that I think everyone needs to see.Its about a british couple who sued their photographer for their wedding photos being ruined.If your a wannabe photographer or a professional who is thinking about taking on weddings then watch this video.If your a client who's looking for a wedding photographer use this video to earn to be very picky about the photographer you choose to document your day.I can speak from personal experiance about how difficult weddings really are.They are a one time deal.Do or die,no do overs.They are very stressful for this reason.When your the photographer you tend to end up doing other things at the wedding as well.You become an extra set of hands if so needed.Your a cousiler/psychitrist because the bride will be all over the place.Plus you are a history recorder because you are paid to document that very special day.You are the most important part of their wedding.Because after all is said and done with YOU and only YOU will give them their visual reminder.So think before you want to tak on weddings.Do your research...and clients be picky.There are THOUSANDS of wannabe's out there who talk one way and produce the other.Dont let your memories be ruined.
Couple sues photogapher over wedding photos

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