Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Fathers In The Hospital

Hey there ladiesIm sorry for the cryptic msg's earlier.My father was admitted to the hospital ealier today because he woke up this morning and couldnt walk.He's actually suppose to have several surgeries for his neck,shoulder,back,& knee's.Unfortunatly being a hard workin man has taken a toll on his body..not to mention the blood pressure/cholestorol issue.Then he also has sleep apnea and thyroid.So hes hurting bad right now.The dr's are working to find out what is wrong & his dr is AWESOME!I will keep you ladies posted.I may need to rearrange some appts because of it.Thank you for all your prayers and energy!It means alot!I will keep you posted!

Thanks so much loverlies!!!

Mistie May

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