Saturday, April 25, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Well hello my loverly ladies!!
I know I dont blog much but honestly its cause I forget.I was never good at keeping any sort of journal and this is no expection..LOL
But I just wanted to post a quick update
Mistie May Studios now has a website.
Its still in the works so there's nothing to see..BUT the url will be
How awesome is that!
I will announce when its fully up and running!...
Also don't forget to schedual your mothers day sessions.What a great gift to give or get...
A few hrs of being fussed over and made into a starlet!..
I also have a new hula outfit that I need to put someone in!Complete with Coconut bra!..hehe
Well hurry and book may is almost here and we dont wanna let it slip by!
Until next time loverlies!

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