Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hello my loverlies!!

I wanted to inform you that there is a pricing increase.
Because of the amazing growth this year (which we are so not complaining about! Without you amazing loverlies I wouldnt be able to say I need to do this)the expenses are really starting to encrease!
This is all a good thing because it means Mistie May is growing!!
So during this year Mistie May Studios has gotten an amazing makeup artist & wardrobe stylist!
We are looking for a hair stylist now!
We are also being able to offer bigger sets and more detailed sessions!
So please dont let the increase in pricing scare you off.It just means higher quality sessions for you!
It is my goal to offer the highest quality for your photo sessions.
Not only do I want you to feel amazing but I also want it to eventually feel like a day at the spa with the reward of amazing images to prove your day!
Thank you so much to all my amazing clients..
Without you Mistie May Studios couldnt grow like we are!
I truely truely thank you!

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