Friday, July 8, 2011

WOW!! Talk about a surprise!!

WOW!! I don't know what to say man!!
The contest for Star Spangled Betties is seriously taking off.
Not to mention I am at over 1,300 fan's!!
Thank you so much everyone! I am so blessed and have the greatest clients and potential clients EVER!!
As far as the Star Spangled Betties event goes you can still book your session!
This event is for the whole month of July.
So get in before its gone..
Also I did a little surprise give away because I made it to 1,000 fan's.
Ended up choosing 3 ladies to win because I'm a push over..haha
If I could do it everyone would win!
Ok voting for the Star Spangled Betties contest end's July 10th
So hurry and vote for your favorite gal!
If your not a fan of my page you'll have to hit like 1st then go to the contest album!
I cant wait to see who win's!!

Star Spangled Betties julyevent

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